Named as the NEPA Intergenerational Coalition, the group meets monthly at the Pittston Memorial Library on the second Tuesday  at 2:30 PM, and plans the annual Conference, discusses legislative needs at the State and federal levels, responds to GRG family requests, advocates this demographic , is implementing a new grant from the All One Foundation, has prepared this new web site, and is advancing the role that GRG families play who are seeking funding, having difficult decisions to be made, and searching for ways to interact with Support Groups.

They exist in Wilkes-Barre, Lackawanna County, Pittston, Wayne and Pike Counties, The Coalition has the names and places where these exist and can provide information regarding the extent to which Support Groups can be of assistance. Contact Howard J. Grossman at 570-262-3443 ( C ) or his e-mail at grossmanhj@aol.com. Support Groups enable interaction between and among grandparent families, and facilitator exist for each Group.

Often GRG families require legal aid to secure legal custody of grandchildren or at least be some answer to a legal problem relating to the interaction between the biological children and the grandchildren. While the Coalition cannot recommend a specific attorney, there are legal firms that specialize in family matters. In Luzerne County, there is an Advocacy Foundation, recently formed that can provide to eligible grand families, some funding for legal assistance. The web site will have information regarding this program in a separate section.

The 14th annual Conference will be held October 30, 2020 at the Woodlands. Over the last several years, the Conference has attracted over 200 people, over 40 Resource Tables, and a group of speakers on topics of substance to GRG Families. There is always a keynote speaker, a theme, two panels, legislative information, handouts,  and response to questions. The Coalition will have detailed information about the 2020 event over the next few months. Anyone desiring to be added to the mailing or e-mail list should contact Howard at the e-mail address or by phone.
Anyone desiring to have a Resource Table should request this in the same way.

Howard is available to talk to groups concerned about the GRG community. There are other entities who can help expand the role of the GRG family. This can be further developed through electronic and print media informational pieces, periodically discussed, and specialized publications are available through State Representatives Eddie Day Pashinski and Karen Boback. the PA Secretary of Aging has a report coming out on the result of three grand family meetings held in Harrisburg in 2019. Senator Robert P Casey has sponsored legislation as ranking member of the Senate Committee on Aging which is chaired by Senator Susan Collins, The State has published a 77 page report by the Joint State Government Commission which is the first such report issued by the Commonwealth.